Frequently Asked Questions

How much in advance should I order butterflies for release?

It takes 3 to 4 weeks for us to breed the butterflies. Therefore, we recommend to
place your order no later than one month before the event.

How long can I expect the butterfly to live in a home environment?

In a home environment butterflies live up to 2 – 4 weeks.

Once it’s released from the envelope (or a special release box) it requires food and a safe environment. Fruit is an excellent choice for butterfly food, while a recommended safe environment can be created by utilising a small box with the entrance slightly wider than the butterfly’s wingspan.

Make sure that the butterfly does not have any contact with house pets or babies.

Where should the butterflies be kept prior to the event?

Butterflies should be kept in a box covered by a fine protective net. Laundry basket with a lid is a good choice and can be purchased at Ikea for up to 7€.

What food is best for feeding butterflies?

Butterflies feed on fruit nectar. Slices of orange are an excellent choice.

How do you ship live butterflies for release?

Live butterflies for release are delivered in special envelopes or in a release box. Due to the fragile nature of the butterflies we ship with a bus parcel delivery service in Lithuania and Latvia.

Outside of Lithuania we currently deliver only to Riga, Latvia. Contact us for other locations.

What is the minimum order for live butterflies?

The minimum order for release is 10 butterflies. A smaller order is possible only if we have available stock. Contact us to inquire.

How to release butterflies?

Butterflies can be released from special release boxes matching your taste and preferences. It is also possible to release butterflies from special Kupu Kupu envelopes or decorative cages that can be leased from us (available in Vilnius only).

Butterflies are mostly released in the church premises or in a room environment. Butterflies released inside a closed room or hall will make your festival sparkle with colour the whole night long.

Butterflies can later be captured and taken home where they should live up to 3-4 weeks.

Do I have to return the butterflies after the event?

Butterflies are bred especially for you and remain with you long after your event. If you are able to catch them ;)

How can I make sure the butterflies fly out after opening the box?

Our butterflies originate from tropical climates. Thus, warm temperature is the key prerequisite for the butterflies to be active. The overall temperature of the envelope or the release box (and surrounding environment) must be no less than 20°C.

Will a butterfly not suffocate inside the envelope?

Butterflies are packaged and transported in special entomological envelopes. Due to micro pores
in the membrane of the envelope, the butterflies are supplied with sufficient amount of oxygen.

Doesn’t a butterfly suffer inside of an envelope?

A butterfly spends most of the time in the wild with its wings folded. Therefore, a butterfly inside an envelope feels comfortable.

The envelope is used for delivery only. Once the butterfly is released from the envelope it is not recommended to try and put it back to the envelope.

How should envelopes containing butterflies be handled?

Our special envelope is designed to shield the butterfly from any possible injuries. However, treat the envelope with tenderness and care: do not apply force, do not apply pressure, and do not shake the
envelope. Butterflies are extremely fragile creatures!

At temperatures below +20°C butterflies hibernate. When the room temperature is suitable (above +20°C), the butterfly will flutter out of the envelope once it’s opened.

How to warm up a butterfly?

Gently blow warm air (you can use a hair-dryer on low heat and low power) or hold the envelope between your palms.

Do not apply force.

Where can I read all the terms and conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions for framed butterflies.

Purchase contract (PDF) for live butterflies for release.